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Work Study

Federal Work-Study programs provide jobs for students who need financial help to pay for college expenses. You earn money while going to school. There are a variety of areas where jobs are available such as in an office, research lab, non-profit agency, school, or retail store.

  • Your school will try to match your job to what you are studying in school or to your future career.
  • Jobs will be either on-campus or off-campus.
  • You will earn at least the Federal minimum wage. You will be paid by the hour and will get a monthly check from your school.
  • You will only be able to work a certain number of hours, depending on your class schedule. Your supervisor will figure this out for you.
  • The money you earn can be used to pay for your tuition, fees, and housing.
How to apply for work-study programs:
You need to fill out a FAFSA. (Work-study is offered to you as part of your financial aid package.) On your FAFSA, you need to point out that you want to apply for the work-study program. You should also talk to your school's financial aid office to find out more about available jobs in the work-study program.
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